SmartHub is a universal power module for renewable energy systems. Our patent-pending technology intelligently combines solar, wind, battery and grid connections to deliver the most efficient and economical output at all times.

SmartHub is on a mission to make renewable energy affordable, scalable and practical.


SmartHub is a patent-pending power module that intelligently combines multiple energy sources (wind, solar, power grid, batteries, diesel generators etc.) and supplies electricity based on the most efficient combination of these inputs.

Our current prototype features five, bi-directional AC/DC inverter connections – 1) DC input with MPPT for solar, 2) DC input for wind, 3) DC input/output for battery backup, 4) auxilary input from diesel generator or fuel cell, 5) AC input/output to grid.

The core of our patent-pending technology is in the microprocessor based control of power flows through the system – based on a wide range of algorithms (grid status, solar output, wind output, battery charge state, electricity rate, weather forecast etc.)

This power module has a capacity of 1kW, and is designed for plug-n-play modularity. This means, the system can be scaled up in 1kW increments, based on the application.

Furthermore, SmartHub has built in data-acquisition and telemetry capabilities (via RJ45 and expandable to wifi) – making it fully compatible with smart-grid installations, and accessible remotely via PC or tablet. SmartHub is capable of monitoring weather patterns though solar and wind power generation and using this data to notify the user of the best times to operate energy intensive appliances.

SmartHub is an economical solution that combines plug-n-play simplicity and scalability for a wide range of renewable energy applications.


The SmartHub Team is a group of young, highly motivated and skilled individuals looking to make a difference in the renewable energy sector. By combining their expertise in the environmental, engineering and business world, the SmartHub Team provides alternative energy solutions through a fresh lens.

Dan Rogers


Dan Rogers brings a multi-disciplinary Engineering background to SmartHub; providing both the environmental and technical know-how to accomplish the company’s objectives. Dan’s wide ranging skill set has seen him design, build, and race a solar powered vehicle across the Australian Outback; work as a sustainability consultant in the Kingdom of Jordan designing smart grids, green buildings and alternative energy technologies; and work for one of the largest technical firms in the world, ABB as a Mechanical Engineer. Aside from his wealth of knowledge and experience, Dan brings a great deal of passion for sustainable energy and has already proven to be the perfect leader in getting SmartHub off the ground.

Kyle Burrows


Kyle Burrows brings a wide array of business development, marketing/communications and entrepreneurial experience to SmartHub after running multiple start-ups in both the retail and sport sector. Outside of his start-ups, Kyle was the lead communications/social media professional for one of North America’s elite sport organizations, Canadian Sport Institute. These experiences combined with Kyle’s drive to take on new challenges is what ultimately led to his interest in joining Dan to form SmartHub. Kyle brings a great deal of passion and energy to any project he takes on and is extremely excited about the potential opportunities that lay ahead for the company.


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